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Tt 2002 review (vo)

Tt 2002 review (vo)

215 minutes
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What a blast! What a party! The TT is back – bigger and better than ever before. Records tumbled as road racing’s finest blasted round the course in a maelstrom of high speed duels and thunderous racing. All eyes were on David Jefferies. In 2000 he broke the 125mph barrier; in this year’s Duke F1 race he obliterated his own record with an incredible 126.68mph lap – then went even faster in the Senior at an astonishing 127.29mph!
TAS Suzuki team-mate Ian Lougher took two wins and three seconds and there were wins for Jim Moodie and Bruce Anstey. Rob Fisher became the most successful sidecar racer ever on the island and Manxman Richard ‘Milky’ Quayle recorded a tremendous win in the 400 race! Jam packed with stunning action highlights, there’s plenty of apres-race high-jinks and mad antics crammed in here too.
This is one-hundred-and-ninety-miles-an-hour action, filmed from the ground (so close you can almost feel the shockwaves of the top men blasting past!) and from the air with the most fantastic pictures yet of two-wheeled missiles hurtling through the countryside. For electrifying on-board footage and awesome picture quality that you’ll want to slo-mo time and again, flick into top gear for the offical story of TT 2002. It rocks!

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