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Alticity 6 dedication - snowmobile (vo)

Alticity 6 dedication - snowmobile (vo)

55 minutes
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La dévotion de ces riders envers leur sport est admirable. Cet esprit de sacrifice, de passion acharnée dans le snowmobile est devenu un véritable style de vie… Rencontres de ces dingos du snowmobile au Canada, en Alaska, en Scandinavie…synopsis anglais original: ded·i·ca·tion, noun, 1: self-sacrificing devotion. Our riders dedication to the ideals of snowmobiling is admirable and has become a way of life. They know it's not a matter of if they get hurt, it's a matter of when. Whether or not we are there with our cameras to capture the moment does not change the way these riders adhere to their unspoken duty of pushing the limits in the sport of snowmobiling. Amazing things happened all over the world in the sport of snowmobiling in the winter of 05/06. We were lucky enough to be there to film many of them. The Canadians hitting huge drops and breaking their faces, The Swedes hitting massive jumps in June on a Norwegian Glacier, Turbo and Supercharged Apex's dominating the highest peaks, and crashes galore are just a few highlights. This film is dedicated to the riders, the fans, the haters, the soldiers, and those we have lost to the sport such as Jeremy Crapo. Thanks to all of you, we will keep on doing what we do… Locations: Canada, Alaska, Sweden, Norway, and the Lower 48 Riders: Justin Kallusky, Mike McStay, Rob Alford, Christoph von Alvensleben, Geoff Kyle, The Berntsson Brothers, Stefan Hansson, Wade Soss, Dan Lang, Chad Koon, Nate Fisher, Deuce, and Ross Mercer
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