Boldenone (Equipoise) is a potent anabolic steroid with the active chemical boldenone undecylenate, first synthesized in the 1950s, developed exclusively for veterinary needs (from cows to dogs). 

However, this did not prevent athletes around the world from using this drug in bodybuilding and other sports quite successfully, due to its beneficial effect on metabolism, stimulating protein synthesis and increasing the number of red blood cells.

Application features and other properties of boldenone When gaining weight

Athletes use boldenone quite successfully during the period of "mass gain", that is, when it is important to gain more muscle mass without thinking about its quality. Buy Boldenone However, at first glance, it may seem that the use of this drug for gaining weight is not entirely reasonable, because it is not subject to aromatization, and does not show progestogenic activity. 

That is why when boldenone is taken for the purpose of gaining mass, it is combined with "long-acting" testosterones such as enanthate or cypionate.

When using boldenone (equipoise), appetite increases, which naturally has a positive effect on weight gain, however, as many experienced "chemists" note from their practice, in order to obtain a good result, boldenone should be combined with drugs in which the concentration of the active substance is 200 mg / ml.