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Although some have stereotypes about BDSM and sexual experimenting in general, thinking that it’s seek, more and more people tend to try something new to vary sexual life and add to their impressions. One of things that may be a lot of fun is dungeon and sex furniture. Probably, you have seen it in porn, but never resolved to try it with your partner. Decided that it’s high time to add spice to your rumpy-pumpy? Then order Bondage Furniture! There are so many variations that you will find something suiting you and your partner for sure!


What is Bondage Furniture?


To take it shortly, this is a device that partially or fully restricts motions of one person during sexual intercourse. It is widely used in BDSM practices and is considered to be a sex toy for very gritty sexual experiments. If you search for Bondage Furniture online, you may find out there are several kinds of devices:


  • Sex swings are cuffs and belts (sometimes also equipped with paddled seat) that allow suspending a partner in the air, partially constraining his or her moves. It is perfect for trying an endless number of positions and is quite comfortable.


  • Dungeon furniture is made in countless variations like punish benches, cages, locking devices, suspension bars, special towers, stockades, bondage beds and chairs, etc. This is where you can set your imagination free and experiment and fulfill the dirtiest dreams.


  • One of the best Bondage Furniture kinds is sex aids. It helps to fix the partner in any position and keeping him or her tight, but comfortable.

Main characteristics


There are hundreds various devices, but they have some features in common:



  • Most kinds of furniture have adjustable leather straps to fix person’s legs, arms or the whole body. Some may feature mouth gags and even punishing devices.

  • There are two types of furniture: stationary (for instance, sex swings hang on the ceiling) or compact transportable items having compact sizes and perfect for travelling.

  • As a rule, these items are made of metal, leather and wood: they are strong enough and look brutal. Many of them are made in Medieval or Steampunk stylistics.

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    How to use


    If you have never tried such devices and have no idea how it is applied, here’s a short instruction for use:



      • If it is a stationary item, attach it properly. Make sure it is fixed right so that your partner is safe.


      • Before Bondage Furniture using, read the instructions to check which poses are permitted and which way it will be more convenient and enjoyable in use. Before sexual intercourse, you may test it with your partner.


      • When fixing your partner, adjust the straps and belts not too tight. Otherwise, a device may hurt or damage person during harsh physical activity.


      • Make up a romantic or dungeon atmosphere – as you like. You both should be relaxed and have the right mood for such kinds of experiments, and everything will be okay. Enjoy!


    How to choose


    If you have decided to buy Bondage Furniture, you should make the right choice, taking into account several aspects:



  • It must be produced by an official manufacturer. Be aware of counterfeit production, because it may be unsafe.

  • Need cheap Bondage Furniture? Select sex aids: they are not less impressive and arousing, and cost two or three times less that stationary devices.

  • Remember that such furniture should be strong enough to bear severe load, so it must be made of high-quality materials like metal and solid wood.

    • Bondage furniture for sale can be found in special stores like sex shop or online stores. Don’t trust unofficial sellers.


    • When deciding which type of furniture you want to order, think about your favorite sex games and poses. Base on your own preferences. But don’t forget to read Bondage Furniture reviews: some people share experiences and describe product advantages and drawbacks.

    Where to buy Bondage Furniture


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    Don’t believe people who say bondage furniture is something abnormal. Today, this is a great way to experiment and get maximum pleasure from sexual life. Just order bondage furniture and try it yourself. Time to get unexplored and unforgettable sensations and make memories!