How Many Students Gamble in the USA

Online Gambling Among Students: Facts and Figures

Online gambling, as a type of virtual entertainment, has a considerable amount of traffic, which is increasing by leaps and bounds. Online casinos continuously promote their products and services, and it helps them to expand their audience.

According to the latest studies, approximately seventy-five percent of college students have gambled at least just once in their life, while six percent has problems connected with gambling addiction. Another research shows that twenty-three percent of students play on virtual casinos every week. It means that Internet gambling is an area of interest for people of different ages and occupations. Not only mature adults with stable income but also unemployed college and university students find money to gamble.

Speaking about gambling among students, it is important to mention that some of them spend loans and scholarships on gambling. The stories about such cases frequently appear in local news. The bravest students confess that they use loan payments to stake on online gambling platforms. Of course, people who do this usually have a gambling addiction.

This behavior has a direct connection with mental health problems. However, very often, students gamble because they have financial pressure, and want to earn big sums of money fast. In most cases, the modern world is tempting students to find funds for a luxurious lifestyle. Expensive cars, restaurants, clothes – all these things provoke their desire to gamble. Moreover, the availability and accessibility of online gambling create all conditions for such situations.

What are students’ most popular gambling activities?

As recent data show, a great part of all students’ spendings on gambling belongs to the lottery segment, and it makes forty-one percent. They often buy lottery tickets and hope for hitting a jackpot. Another popular activity is the bingo games. Read the Gala Bingo review on LoginCasino to understand what platforms they choose to play.

Another students’ passion is card games. Many famous poker players have begun their career paths at college and have millions of dollars on their bank accounts now. Maybe these successful stories inspire young people to play poker for real money. However, students frequently gamble all money they have away and have big debts.

The third place in this ranking belongs to sports betting. More than sixty-seven percent of students are fond of betting on sports events. The most interesting fact is that this gambling entertainment attracts athletes above all. College and university sportsmen prefer not only to engage in sports activities but also to make bets. Experts say that it is connected with their competitive spirit, and desire to be the first in every sphere.

According to polls, the most popular types of sports for betting are soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. As far as esports is gaining popularity nowadays, students stake on such matches as well.

Usually, students who gamble choose various online casinos for playing. Like many other people, they prefer popular platforms that include a wide range of games. Many students face the problem of gambling addiction. They have to be under treatment and visit a psychotherapist permanently.