How to predict the results of fights

Bookmakers offer painting of bet on CoD for both professional tournaments and random fights. There is a significant difference between them, because in random matches, the bettor simply does not know gamers. Accordingly, it will be impossible to analyze the level of their game and make a qualitative forecast. It is worth placing bets only on official competitions, and only after conducting a preliminary analysis.

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You should pay attention to the following factors:

  • The shooter version. Due to the fact that a new part of the game appears almost every year, competitions are held according to the most current edition at the moment. On the one hand, this is an excellent advertisement for the released product and interesting innovations, and on the other hand, additional difficulties for bettors.
  • Game mode. It is not always the composition that has shown itself well in the classics, will repeat the success in the battles to the death. Before making a bet, it is worth checking in which mode the game will take place, and carefully study the statistics.
  • The current form and composition of the teams. Everyone has ups and downs, including professional gamers. It is worth checking how successful the last matches of the squad were and whether there will be any substitutions in the upcoming match. The absence of a key sniper can affect the outcome of the battle and lead to a loss.

The opportunity to bet on CoD is provided by many bookmakers. It is necessary to choose BC according to the following criteria:

  • Betting odds. The higher the quotes, the more the bettor will earn in case of a win. It is worth comparing the lines of several BC and identifying the company with the highest coefficients.
  • The presence of live bets. CoD is not the most popular esports discipline among players from the CIS, so some bookmakers offer to bet on the shooter only in the pre-match.
  • Presence of a section with statistics and video broadcasts. A nice bonus will be the opportunity to analyze and watch the matches without leaving the official website or the bookmaker's application.
    Bonus programs. Bookmakers are preparing interesting promotions and offers for major tournaments. This is an additional opportunity to earn or compete for valuable prizes.

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