How to write a seaman resume

A sailor is a junior member of the ship's crew aboard a civilian or merchant vessel. It is also the lowest rank in the Navy.

Here are some of the duties a sailor may perform:

  • repair work;
  • cleaning;
  • control of deck machinery;
  • watchkeeping (helm work, observation);
  • rigging;
  • performing lifeguard duties;
  • performing key mooring procedures (tying knots, throwing in the casting end).

The list can be much longer. It all depends on the ship's specialization, experience, and the sailor's abilities.

Pros and cons. Requirements

  • Among the main advantages of this profession are the following:
  • A decent salary;
  • Opportunities for career growth;
  • taking up your favorite occupation (for those who like water and travel).

However, there are also a lot of negative aspects in the work of a sailor. The work of junior crew members is very hard. Both physically and morally. They have to carry out a large number of orders and tasks. At the same time working conditions can be extremely difficult. On top of that, the water can be hazardous. It's not uncommon for a ship's crew to have to contend with severe weather conditions. Not only does this complicate the work process, but it can also be life-threatening.

Another serious disadvantage of being a sailor is the on-call method of work. A voyage can last many months. This means that sailors are doomed to long separations from their loved ones and relatives.

Education and Career

A seaman resume position does not require a college degree. This profession can be mastered at a college or technical school. Such specialties will be suitable:

  • Sailor;
  • Ship's navigation;
  • Shipman-assistant mechanic of a small vessel.

Sailor is a junior rank of a member of the ship's crew. Further career development is expressed in increasing the grade and obtaining the title of """"Senior sailor"""". In addition, you can learn to be a navigator or captain, which will noticeably affect the status and the amount of wages.

To work effectively in the position of a sailor it is necessary to have such knowledge and qualities:

  • A thorough knowledge of the functioning of the vessel and its individual mechanisms;
  • The ability to react properly to emergency situations;
  • practical skills (tying nautical knots, handling sails, steering the ship etc.)
  • physical and psychological endurance;
  • sociability;
  • good judgement;
  • ability to swim;
  • discipline.