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This artcile updated 20/12/2023.

Prey was directed by Dan Trachtenberg, who previously directed such series as Black Mirror and The Boys. His debut was Cloverfield, 10, and to me it sounds like a decent minimalist work that has a direct connection to Monsters. So, Prey is the fifth film in the Predators series, or the seventh if you take into account the two terrible mashups like Alien vs. Predator or Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. The film itself is a prequel to the original 1987 film with Schwarzenegger, and tells us about the first arrival of the Predator on earth in 1717. If you haven't seen the movie yet, it is the time to watch Prey on 123movies free website.

The film has no theatrical release, which is one of the reasons why we've heard so little about it. Right now it can be seen on the streaming platform Hulu on a subscription basis or wait for a translation online. In a nutshell, I liked the movie, whether it outdoes the original with Schwarzenegger, I don't think. Because the 1987 film was as unique in its genre as, say, Ghostbusters, which no matter how they tried to resurrect, turned out to be the same horrible parody.

But for all that said, I think Prey looks decent. And yes, we live in a time where the main action hero is being replaced by a strong and independent woman, both in movies and games, such as in the recently released Horizon Zero Dawn or in The Last of Us Part II, completely rewriting the genre dominated by overweight males. Ultimately, you have to remember that in all parts the predator can only be defeated by cunning, not force.

I believe that the film's protagonist succeeded in doing this. The only thing I didn't like was the constant reminder of the problem of women in society and the infringement of their rights. I doubt that I was the only one who got sick of it. If you think back even to the 80's action movie Alien, there we are shown one of the first heroines of the genre, and at the same time we are not even hinted at any of the problems of society.

I would pay special attention to the sound, so if you have good stereo sound, I recommend you to turn it on, because it is in the murder scenes that it plays an important role. As for the predator himself, he's not what we're used to seeing in other films. Here he has a different mask, different technology and I thought he was scarier here. I like the more minimalistic helmet of the first part, but then again this kind of action takes place 300 years ago, so maybe that's the point.

Now as for the plot. As I said before, the action takes place in 1717 and shows us the Comanche tribe. The female protagonist, Noru, against gender norms and traditions, wants to become a warrior and take part in a game in which you have to hunt someone who would hunt you. At the same time, one of the warriors in the tribe goes missing and everyone decides to move out in search of his missing comrade. The main character is also going on the search, but she is also told that her place is in the kitchen. Oddly enough, she gets a chance to fight the arriving from the space predator. Her brother, played by Dakota Beavers, also comes to the rescue.

Despite this, she is aided by her brother and faithful dog. If you're worried about the doggie, she'll be fine. Disney will not allow a dog to be killed in the frame, yet there are people being killed. And we are also shown here how a predator fights a computer snake, a wolf, and even a big bear. It's also worth noting that this time the raptor is shown to us during daylight hours, unlike previous installments, where it was usually shown at dawn, dusk, or night.

How would I rate Prey and where does it rank in the franchise? If I were to give first place to the first Predator with Schwarzenegger, I'd have Prey somewhere near the second installment. Next would be Predator with Adrien Brody, and the rest of the garbage can be scattered as you please. Let's face it, they are all terrible.

I will give this movie an 8 out of 10. Overall, it's a decent prequel, and I encourage you to watch it online. The actors did great, the graphics could be wished for better, the graphics with the beasts have never been good for anyone, but Predator pleased me. As for the future of Predator, I can already see a sea of possibilities in which it doesn't have to be shown in modern times. It could be prehistoric times with dinosaurs or predator fights in Japan on samurai swords. I believe that the theme of predator time travel can be developed further.

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