Variety of prize symbols in gambling games from WMS Casino

A winning combination in video slot gambling games from WMS Casino is made up of the same pictures. On average, the winning combination will need two to three single symbols. In addition to the basic, the developers offer unique cards that are bonus options.

The smallest payouts in slot machines traditionally give the denominations of letters and numbers. These combinations are advantageous to play in the risk game, when the threat of losing a large sum is minimal. Images of characters or thematic objects related to the plot gambling WMS Casino, give much more.

What is the scatter symbol?

Scatter is an independent card. Scatter symbol may appear in any area of the game screen. Even if the scatter appeared not on the active line, the gambler still receives a prize payout.

Scatter task is not to bring the winnings, but to activate the bonus round in the slot machine. It is a round of freespins, which is played on the following principles:

Depending on the game mechanics visitor to WMS Casino is given from 10 to several dozen billable spins. These are moves for which the account is not written off the cost of betting.

Winnings in the freespins round are not only free, but are paid out at an increased multiplier. This can be a double or triple multiplier.
On the classic slot machines, the number of payable spins is not limited. If the player catches 3 more scatters, the level will continue or start again.

How useful is the wild symbol?

The second prize card is the wild. The wild symbol can replace other images with similar ones. This simplifies the formation of winning combinations in gambling games from WMS Casino.

More often during the rotation fall 2 of the same symbol. Before the payment is missing one symbol. Wild in this case is changed to the missing picture and collects the combination.

At top gambling games from WMS Casino wilds and scatters are provided with additional benefits. The player can get an increase of hundreds or thousands of times the bet, if one rotation collected on the screen 5 wild symbols or five scatter cards.