What to do if I did not defend my diploma?

There are several reasons why a student did not defend his/her diploma: he/she did not have time to write it, missed the defense or failed to defend it, received an admission due to a bad review from the supervisor. Further actions depend on the reasons for this unpleasant situation.

Failed to pass a diploma thesis

A student writes a diploma on his own during the year. The list of topics is quite possible to review back in September. However, many out of habit put off writing until the last moment, thinking that they will cope in a couple of days. Sometimes they manage, but sometimes unpredictable events, such as a sudden illness, lead to the fact that the student does not have time to finish and hand over the research project.

If the reason is valid, then the teachers and the university administration will gladly meet you halfway, perhaps, the academic advisor will allocate more time for consultations, allowing you to finish your thesis quickly. The student may be allowed to defend the thesis with another group or together with the part-time department, and the reviewers will be willing to read the text, write a review out of turn.

Do not be ashamed to tell about the troubles that occurred, be honest with your thesis supervisor and supervisor. Provide, if possible, documents confirming the fact of illness, the trouble that happened, a letter from your employer.

When you understand in advance that it is impossible to pass the thesis on time, inform the thesis supervisor about it. Perhaps, together you will find a way out of a difficult situation or defend a finalized project in a year. By the way you can easily order an essay from SpeedyPapers company.

Could not come to the defense

Sometimes a student did not defend his diploma because of a trivial omission of the defense. If the reason is valid, it is allowed to write an application to postpone the defense to the nearest possible time. Otherwise the thesis project gets a failing grade and the student is expelled. He has the right to finish his education within 3 years, so go to the defense next year!

It is worth noting that the expelled guy, is subject to conscription into the army. About the fact of retesting, expulsion becomes known to the military recruitment office, which means that you have to look for a new way to postpone the service.

Got a negative review from the supervisor

Opinions of reviewers about the thesis project are less important than the review of the direct supervisor, who observed the process of writing the work. It is important to successfully conduct scientific research, as well as to maintain a good relationship with the supervisor. To do this, it is enough to follow a few simple rules:

  • Be polite, punctual. The tutor supervises several thesis students, writes their own research papers, gives lectures, conducts seminars, and checks mountains of tests. Therefore, attend the scheduled consultations, give advance warning of delays.
  • Take into account all comments made. Sometimes a student did not defend his diploma because he completely ignored all the mistakes that were pointed out by the teacher. Of course, a number of supervisors will check the text ten times and will find new inaccuracies all ten times. Well, it is better to remain silent and correct them.
  • Correct the errors identified during the pre-defense. Sometimes it happens that the project is really bad, which becomes known in advance. It is possible to correct it even in a short period of time.
  • Do not use someone else's student projects, put references to primary sources. Plagiarism is the most trivial reason why the supervisor gave a low grade to the diploma. The supervisor submits the text to the Anti-Plagiarism system to determine if the author cheated. Format quotations with quotation marks and references, and non-unique text is rewritten in your own words.
  • If you have a negative review of the supervisor, correct the errors, if there is time left. Otherwise, get a certificate of higher education and defend your diploma within three years.

Failed to defend the diploma in front of the commission

Whether or not a student has defended his diploma is decided by the state certification committee. The members of the commission will listen to you, look at the thesis, handouts, and after a brief meeting, render their verdict.

There are several reasons why a diploma student did not defend his work

He got overexcited. The research is brilliant, but the author finds it difficult to tell his essence because of excitement or poor health. Sometimes the members of the committee meet the student and give him the opportunity to come to the defense with another group or give a grade at once. To do this, they need to know him as a responsible, gifted person, to listen to positive feedback from the reviewers and supervisor.
The diploma was written by someone else. If you have ordered a project, then read it carefully, understand the essence of what is written. Ordering a paper is, in fact, the selection and processing of material by another person, not the defense of the diploma instead of the student.